The Perfect Travel Bag – Music Festival Edition


Music festival season has officially begun! After traveling to New York, Miami and Atlanta to attend various festivals over the last few years, we’ve perfected our packing list.

Here’s our list of essentials:

1. CamelBak or water bottle – Music festivals are a marathon, not a sprint! If you want to make it to the end of the night, you’re going to need to stay hydrated. Our CamelBaks have probably been the best investment we’ve made. They come in a variety of sizes (we recommend this one), usually have pockets to store the other items on this list, and some even have a compartment on the shoulder strap for your cell phone! We picked ours up at REI, but you can find them at any sporting goods store. Most festivals will have free water stations so plan on bringing at least a water bottle.

2. Sunglasses – Between the sun during the day and the flashing stage lights at night, you’ll definitely want to bring a pair of sunnies. That being said, this isn’t the time or place to bust out your new pair of Karen Walkers or Ray-Bans. Pick up a cheap pair that you don’t mind losing or breaking. I love my mirrored aviators from Urban Outfitters and Alice has an adorable pair of Hello Kitty shades (similar here).

3. Comfortable shoes – Since you’ll be on your feet for hours, this is one instance where we definitely choose comfort > style. I’ll never understand the women who choose to wear 4-inch heels to a festival. A few years ago, we bought plain white TOMs slip ons and decorated them with neon markers and paint. They’re cute, comfortable and unique.

4. Sunscreen – Before you head out for the day, protect your skin and sunscreen up! Sun damage is not cute. We recommend at least SPF 30.

5. Wet Wipes – Unless you’re super VIP, you’re going to be using porta-potties inside the festival. Toilet paper typically runs out in about 2.5 seconds, so bring your own wipes. Pick up a travel-sized pack that will fit in the pocket of your CamelBak.

6. Hand sanitizer – You’re definitely going to want a bottle of this after experiencing the aforementioned porta-potties. Enough said.

7. Light jacket – Although it’s sunny and hot during the day, it typically gets pretty chilly once the sun goes down. Try to pack a light jacket or pullover. Karen usually brings this one from Old Navy since it’s lightweight and compact. Once you’re out of the massive crowds and traveling back to your hotel or campsite, you’ll thank us for this one!

8. Earplugs – Being in front of those huge bass speakers can do some damage to your eardrums. We’ve definitely experienced some temporary deafness and embarrassing shouting the week after a festival. We got smart and decided to wear earplugs and were happy to find we weren’t missing out on any of the music (it’s really loud). Trust us. Your ears will thank you.

9. Flash Tattoos – Well, these aren’t an essential, but they’re fun! They really put you in the music festival spirit and look super cool on.  Don’t worry, they wash off easily after the weekend. We loved these, and bought a few designs to mix and match.

IMG_5655 IMG_2978

Have a blast and stay safe!

xo, k&a