Hi, welcome to blanc X noir. We’re Karen and Alice, and we decided to start this blog as a way to share and explore our personal style.

So, why blanc X noir? There are a few different layers to the name. The first is pretty obvious: we both like to wear a lot of black and white. The other goes back a little deeper – over 10 years, in fact. Like all great blogging partners, we met at summer camp when we were kids. At the time, some of our friends joked that we looked a lot alike and gave us the nicknames “Dark Alice” (Karen) and “Light Karen” (Alice).

As we’ve gotten older, our individual styles have evolved to fit each other’s nicknames. Alice’s style is more edgy and trendy, whereas Karen gravitates towards more classic looks. Despite these differences, we actually have very similar taste and often end up with the same pieces. The way we style them, however, makes them look totally different on each of us. To us, that’s some of the beauty of personal style and one of the reasons we decided to start a blog together.

Fashion and style are a way to show people who you are without saying a word. Over the years, we’ve become more comfortable in our own skin and confident in our fashion choices than we were when we met as awkward 14-year-olds. We’re by no means professionals or models, but we’re looking forward to sharing our journeys with you!

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xo, k&a



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