Downtown Lunch Date at Mita’s


Mita’s is Chef Jose Salazar’s latest addition to the Cincinnati food scene. We checked it out on a lunch double date and it did not disappoint!

Mita’s is located downtown in the new 84.51 building. Unlike Salazar, his cozy restaurant in OTR, Mita’s is extremely spacious with sky-high ceilings and eclectic decor. Between the reclaimed wood floors, colorful tiles and sparkling light fixtures, it almost feels like you’re eating in an Anthropologie – if you know us, you know this is the highest compliment.

Now, let’s talk food.


We both got a bowl of their lobster bisque and, oh man, it was so good. We’re always a little cautious with lobster bisque since some places are a little heavy-handed with the salt, but Mita’s was perfectly salty and rich, with chunks of lobster mixed in. Even Karen’s husband, Sam, liked it and he generally isn’t a fan of seafood.


Alice got the chorizo sandwich. You can’t ever go wrong with a fried egg and bacon added to any sandwich especially with a spicy mayo spread. The explosion of flavors in the sandwich is paired favorably with the house made slaw on the side.


Karen went with the short rib empanadas and definitely recommends them as a must-try! One suggestion – take a bite first, then spoon in some of the cilantro-chili pepper sauce for your next bite. Yum city. Paired with a bowl of soup, this was the perfect amount of food for lunch.


Sam ordered the roasted eggplant sandwich and felt it was a good veggie option, with bold flavors. In his words, “It was a salsa dance in your mouth.”


Arthur had the seafood and rice stewed in lobster stock with octopus, red drum, and squid. Trust us, it’s not as overpowering as it sounds and had the perfect touch of ocean in your mouth. Cue Little Mermaid’s “Under The Sea”. You won’t regret it.

Overall, we had a great experience and will definitely be back. All of the food was delicious, the staff is extremely friendly and super knowledgeable about their menu, and the atmosphere was warm and inviting. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

xo, k & a




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