Currently Loving from K: Joggers


Sporty and casual chic is a huge trend this season and I’m loving it. I’m really having a moment with one item in particular, and that’s jogger pants. One thing I miss about college is how it was socially acceptable to wear your sweatpants in public. It was also okay to use beautiful weather as a legitimate reason to go have a drink with your friends in the middle of the afternoon. Now, if I do either of those things, I’m a degenerate. But, I digress…

Anyways, joggers basically make it okay for us non-athletes to wear sweats in public again. I’ve been really impressed with how versatile they are – you can wear them to run errands, but also dress them up for date night or even the office! Here are a few of my favorite looks I’ve spotted.









Have any of you tried out this trend? What do you think?

xo, k


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